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Lithuanian startup develops crucial gadget for people with diabetes

2020-08-19 A Lithuanian startup has developed a medical device to help people with diabetes avoid serious and potentially crippling complications, the company said in a press release.

Feetsee, developed by the Lithuania-based company Diabetis JSC, is a device for self-monitoring feet and identifying inflammation at an early stage.

People with diabetes face a higher risk of developing foot ulcers due to neuropathy and ischemia, a complication that affects about 10 percent of diabetes patients. If left untreated, foot ulcers can lead to amputation.

According to the company’s CEO Gintarė Marinė, diabetes is becoming an epidemic, while medical scientists and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to prevent its complications and help people lead better lives.

Feetsee will be the first device on the market to monitor and notify about early onset of an ulcer in feet, she says in the press release.

Some 70 percent of all lower limb amputations are the result of diabetes complications, says the company's COO Urtė Steikūnienė, even though proper feet care and examination could cut the number by between 45 and 85 percent.

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